Shipping and Refund Policy

Shipping policy

At, Med2Kart our conveyance methodology is 100% secure and we were unable to finish wrong data. Along these lines, our re-shipping strategy is amazingly easy to seek after and we need simply happy customers to experience the orders.  Subsequently, customers can return back the bundle inside 14-12 hours at our website or emails. If the pack is not opened by you, then the package will be sent within 30 days of delivery.

All these facilities are included up until this point and accordingly complete for further help. It is utilized to follow your request subject to re-conveying and have customer happiness. It is proper for giving most items to the doorstep and we complete normal time to deliver it.

Re-delivery and refund policy

You can pick our dependable products and we will give simply comfortable outcomes to the customers. They can arrange your medicines online and we will deliver as shown by the needs. We have a re-delivering system to satisfy customers and follow the right direction to experience the strategy well. In the event that, we neglect to deliver a similar product which our customer orders, the customer can just return back package within 25-30 days from the date of delivery. On using this help, we guarantee to address all issues and complete satisfaction which become the highest need for happy customers.

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