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The inability to have firmness in the male reproductive organ is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. To end such suffering, the use of Cenforce 200 mg has resulted to be one of the best solutions for Erectile Dysfunction. The statistics give it all out about how this problem of ED affects men in general. About 5 percent of men at the age of around 40 have this issue which eventually increases to 15 percent with the age of 70. Here Cenforce 200 as a tablet is to alter the situation among males for better sexual performance and is one of the most effective solutions for this problem.


Just like any Viagra tablets, Cenforce 200 mg is an orally consumable tablet, which helps in solving the problem of ED. It is the solution to the problem faced by many men in regard to their daily life functions, which also prohibits acquiring sexual pleasures. It has the element called Sildenafil citrate which is most important in an effective Viagra pill.


Cenforce 200 tablets are round shaped dark colored tablets, which has an effect of 5 hours once the time period of the sexual act initiates. Once the tablet is consumed there is a wait for thirty minutes to forty minutes for it to grow into one’s body for its proper functioning. Regardless of the sexual act, naturally, the tablets would last in the body for 24 hours. One of the keynotes is that it does not protect one from sexually transmitted diseases. It is a drug that enhances the blood flow for a better and long-lasting erection.


Cenforce 200 is an instrument that inflates by dilating the blood vessels. It accelerates the restricted muscles in the male body to loosen up and have more blood flow which enables vessel relaxation. Due to this less rigidity, the blood pressure gets normalized due to an increase in blood influx.


The dosage of Cenforce is distinguished by the concentration of tablets. Cenforce tablets in concentration are available from 25 g to 200 g. It depends on personal capacity in terms of tolerance and the effectiveness of the tablet on that person. The tablets are safe to be used by every man, though it’s recommended to be used after the prescription of a general physician.

There are various factors that determine the usage of Cenforce 100 mg. For someone who is taking these tablets for the first time is suggested and advised to take the mild version which is 25g, as the tolerance level is not as much as for 200mg. The age of the person on the other hand also determines the amount of dose of this particular tablet. It is recommended to have a higher dose if in an older age group. Though whatever condition it may be, the dosage of these tablets can never exceed the limit which is ‘one’ tablet per day. The sexual frequency of a person is a grave factor. If the urge of getting involved in sexual activity is more, then it is advised to procure a higher amount of dosage but not exceeding the intake of tablets.


Cenforce is a safe medication and does not create any major issues. It is always advisable to take a doctor’s suggestions before acquiring the tablets to ascertain the amount of dosage. This depicts the tolerance level and capacity of an individual to not exceed. After all, Cenforce is a drug enhancer and is associated with side effects depending on the individual. The general side effects that mainly occur are headache, indigestion, impaired vision, nausea, nosebleed, muscle ache, and painful erection. If one notices these effects then they should immediately consult a doctor for further actions.


  • Fildena 100 is not a daily dosage tablet and is not necessarily required to be taken every day but if a person is getting acquainted with it every day and forgets to take it on regular basis then he should take it as early as possible for expected results.
  • It should not be taken more than once in any circumstance on a daily basis. The concentration of Sildenafil tablets can differ on the basis of the tolerance level of the consumer.
  • These tablets should be consumed preferably on an empty stomach for a quicker result. The consumer should note that these tablets are not be consumed with alcohol or a full stomach as it won’t show the result when one wants to indulge in sexual intercourse.
  • A doctor’s advice is always commendable before consuming the tablets, also determining the capacity of tolerance of the consumer.


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    Best product .magical pills.i highly recommended Cenforce 200mg.

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    Cenforce 200 mg gave us the best result we wanted. By far the best product two thumbs up to this.

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